The Sony J10 deck is a Betacam, SP, and Beta SX player that works with both NTSC and PAL system material. To fit into modern edit suites and production facilities, the unit outputs digital iLink via 6-pin, which is Sony’s version of FireWire. It also has 3-BNC analog component video for Beta SP quality output.

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Digital and Component Analog Video Outputs

For many viewing stations and analog component edit environments, 3-BNC component video is an excellent choice for quality multi-generation edits, even linear edit platforms. The Sony J10 deck outputs 3-BNC component and, for digital workstations, FireWire, actually iLINK, Sony’s version of the common IEEE-1394 digital standard.

Audio Output

The J10 can access all 4 channels of audio native to the 1/2-inch Beta family of professional formats. The user may select any 2 at one time, channel 1 or 2, and channel 3 or 4. These selections control the headphone output also.


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