Sony BVW-50

Betacam SP portable recorder/player with built-in Time Base Corrector.The BVW-50 may be operated as a standalone Recorder/Player/Feed Machine or when interfaced with a 26-Pin cable to a camera system as a field recorder.

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  • High Video/Audio Quality
  • Low Power Consumption
  • Front Loading System
  • Audio/Video Confidence Playback
  • Player VTR Capability via Sony 9-Pin Remote Control Interface
  • Built-In Time Code Generator/Reader
  • Component and Composite Input/Output
  • Character Generator
  • Phantom Power Supply
  • Large LCD Display
  • RCC-5G/10G/30G9-pin Remote Control Cable
  • RCC-B5G/B10G/B30GBVR-3 Connecting Cable
  • When used with metal particle tape videocassettes, the BVW-50 conforms to the Betacam SP recording format with its wide luminance bandwidth, improved signal-to-noise ratio, and other superior key parameters. When used with oxide tape videocassettes, recordings conform to the conventional Betacam format.
  • Although the BVW-50 provides a recording and playback time of over 90 minutes and has a built-in TBC capability, its power consumption has been drastically reduced.
  • The BVW-50 incorporates a front access mechanism, and this has enabled the BVW-50 to have a one-piece top panel made of high strength diecast magnesium with no moving parts.
  • Confidence playback allows simultaneous playback of audio and video during recording.
  • The BVW-50 is provided with a Sony 9-pin remote control interface (RS-422) which allows connections to Betacam SP studio VTRs so that it can be used as a player VTR.
  • The BVW-50 is provided with a built-in time code generator/reader.
  • Either component or composite input signals can be accepted from a camera head via a 26-pin connector. Composite signals can be accepted via a BNC connector.
  • The BVW-50 is provided with a built-in character generator which can superimpose characters on Video Output 2.
  • The XLR input connectors associated with all four audio channel inputs provide 48v Phantom powering for external microphones.
  • A large 8-bit LCD provides Tape Time, Time Code, and User Bit indications.
  • Humidity: 25% to 80% (relative humidity)
  • Search speed: Max. +/- 5 times normal speed (with color picture)
  • Power requirements: DC 12V
  • Operating temperature: 0°C to 40°C (32°F to 104°F)
  • Storage temperature: -20°C to 60°C (-4°F to 140°F)
  • Power consumption: Save Rec. Mode: 19WPB/EE Rec. Mode: 29W
  • Continuous operating time: With one BP-90A: Approx. 180 min. (In Save Rec. Mode)With one NP-1B’s: Approx. 170 min. (In Save Rec. Mode)
  • Operating weight (including BP-1A battery and S-Cassette): Approx. 8.5 kg (18 lb 12 oz)
  • Tape speed: 11.86cm/sec.
  • Playback/recording time: More than 90 min. with BCT-90ML
  • Fast forward/rewind time: Less than 7 min. with BCT-90MLLess than 2 min. with BCT-30M
  • Fast forward/rewind speed: Max. +/- 16 times normal speed (with monochrome picture)


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